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‘Ore What!’: The township of Hill End, 80 km west of Bathurst, was (and still is) a gold mining town with a population today of around 120 permanent residents. Once the scene in the 1870’s of all sorts of skull duggery, at its peak Hill End boasted a population of 7000 residents: Prospectors, miners, Chinese opium dens, bush rangers, trades people, sly-grog makers, twenty-seven pubs and ‘ladies of the night’ gave the town a reputation and legends that exists today. The town’s claim to fame came on the evening of 19th October 1872 when the Bayers-Holtermann nugget was unearthed. Weighing in at 630 pounds, this matrix of gold would today be valued at around 12 million dollars. It is still the largest single lump of gold ever discovered in the world. Hill End’s fortunes waned with the along with the ore, but the yarns and urban myths continue today, related in Peter’s book ‘Ore What!’ by those for whom Hill End is home.

288 pages (24 x 30 cms), 90,000 words and over 500 photographs printed in five colours, makes this hard cover book a substantial, amusing, informative and beautiful addition to any library, student of Australian history or lover of art and tall yarns.